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New children's book by a San Diego author and illustrator explores the resilience of nature

ONCE UPON A FOREST cover_large (1).jpg
Courtesy of Random House Children’s Books
The cover from author and illustrator Pam Fong's children's book "Once Upon a Forest."

Pam Fong's picture book, "Once Upon a Forest" connects children to how the natural world recovers after a destructive wildfire.

A marmot and a bird rebuild in the the aftermath of a destructive wildfire. That’s the premise of local author and illustrator Pam Fong’s new children’s book “Once Upon a Forest.”

Fong joined Midday Edition to talk about the book which is being published Tuesday.

"One of my main reasons for spending so much time to create this book and drawing it in the way I did, was that I wanted them to want to go out into the forest," she said.

Pam Fong photo credit Jody Pinchin (2).jpg
Jody Pinchin
San Diego author and illustrator Pam Fong, author of the children's book "Once Upon a Forest."

Capturing a world steeped in nature, the story is told solely through images with strategic use of color. Fong said there's a hopeful message for children to take away from the book.

"once upon a forest" is not really about a forest fire. It's about the hope that happens afterwards," she said.

ONCE UPON A FOREST_interior2_copyright (c) 2022 by Pam Fong (3).jpg
An image from Pam Fong's children's book "Once Upon a Time in the Forest."

Fong will be signing copies of her book at Diesel, a book store in Del Mar on Saturday, Feb. 19 at 3 p.m.