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City Heights Street Food Festival returns after two-year pause

The second City Heights Street Food Fest will include live art, music, drinks and street food, all in the heart of the community.

City Heights CDC’s economic development program manager, Sonia Jimenez, said organizers were expecting hundreds of people.

“Growing up in City Heights, not having something (local). That you have to go out to other parts of San Diego on a Friday night. It's nice to be able to stay here and to be able to spend time with friends and families,” she said.


Many in the community are looking forward to celebrating together again after a couple difficult years, including City Heights resident Julio Garcia.

“It's super important that we keep going with these type of events. We have a lot of opportunity, a lot of empty lots, a lot of spaces here in the community we need to keep taking advantage of,” Garcia said.

A sign for the City Heights Street Food Festival is displayed over an art piece, June 3, 2022.
Jacob Aere
A sign for the City Heights Street Food Festival is displayed over an art piece, June 3, 2022.

All registration and ticketing proceeds will be used to provide job assistance, food, housing, safer streets and other support to the City Heights community.

And the vendors, who are selling a wide range of foods at the event, get to keep 100% of their sales.

“We saw that a lot of vendors had to pause their own businesses because they couldn't sell in different locations that (weren’t) available for them,” Jimenez said. “And so being able to give them an opportunity to be able to sell, free of cost, is something that's great since they're taking in all the profits for themselves.”


The event goes from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday evening at the 4090 University Avenue lot.

Ticket prices are $10 for City Heights residents and $20 for the general public.