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Iconic Oceanside pier access bridge to be rebuilt

To get to the pier in Oceanside, you have to cross a bridge that’s nearly a century old.

The bridge is reaching the end of its structural lifespan, so the Oceanside City Council recently voted to demolish and rebuild it.

"Council approved reconstructing the facility, including the lifeguard headquarters and the construction of a new lifeguard support facility in between the structure where the Tin Fish facility is right now," said Darra Woods, the senior civil engineer with the city of Oceanside.


She says structurally, the bridge needs replacing. But Oceanside lifeguards also need a bigger space.

"Staffing has increased over the years, so they've outgrown that facility. And they’re in need of additional space," she said. "The proposed new facility would basically be for additional staff now and future staffing." 

Several business under the access bridge to the Oceanside Pier are shown in this photo taken on Aug. 31, 2023.
Jacob Aere
Several business under the access bridge to the Oceanside Pier are shown in this photo taken on Aug. 31, 2023.

The proposed building will be three stories with room for restaurants.

While the access bridge is not a registered historical landmark, it is protected as part of Oceanside's history. For that reason, Woods said, changes to the current design are restricted. Instead, the renovation will include a restoration of the original design.

"As part of reconstruction, we really wanna bring it back to its original historical appearance," she said. "So that's the intent with this project. To follow those rules and requirements of reconstructing a new historic facility."


Oceanside resident Jaclyn Hogan doesn't oppose the improvements.

"I feel like it's a good thing. I think it does need some renovation," she said. "Just looking at it, there's a lot of cracks and I think it's time,"

"Its a give and take," said Oceanside resident Tracy Smith. "You're always going to have someone that is used to the norm. Me? I'm open for change, and I will tell you this, Oceanside has cleaned up a lot, and that's always a plus." 

The cost of the renovation is $40 million and funding has yet to be secured.

Environmental studies will need to take place before a design is presented and are estimated to take about 2 years.

Those studies will also look into the renovations of the Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater and Beach Community Center.