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District 7 Winner Could Determine SD City Council Majority

Candidates for the San Diego City Council's 7th District from left to right, Rik Hauptfeld, Mat Kostrinsky and Scott Sherman.
The Winner In The 7th District Could Determine SD City Council Majority
GuestsMatt Kostrinsky, a Democrat, is a candidate for the 7th District San Diego City Council seat. Rik Hauptfeld, an Independent, is a candidate for the 7th District San Diego City Council seat.


District 7 is one of two key districts that could determine the political majority on the San Diego City Council.

The newly redistricted seventh district now includes Linda Vista and Serra Mesa -- it runs along the north side of Interstate 8, through San Carlos and Lake Murray, and then up the east side of 15 through Tierra Santa.

Matt Kostrinsky, a Democrat; Rik Hauptfeld, an Independent; and Scott Sherman, a Republican, are running. If no one wins more than 50 percent of the vote in June, the top two candidates will face off in November.

Kostrinsky and Hauptfeld told KPBS what they would do if elected.


Although he has worked for unions in the past, Kostrinsky also is campaigning on no new taxes. He said his past work experience made him believe that raising taxes is unfair.

"I worked for a U.S. Senator, a Chamber of Commerce, and I worked for home care providers," he said. "Our folks make $9.50 an hour and care for loved ones of ours that are veterans, disabled, and seniors to stay in their house.

"But to say that we're going to raise taxes on residents here I think is uncalled for. I think we're seeing a tax burden on people, and people don't have trust in the city, that the services are being done right and well and efficiently. And I think we have to do that. We have to right the ship and make sure that we're spending what we should before we talk to them about taxes. If we ever go down that route."

He added that he is against the hotel room tax to fund the Convention Center expansion and opposes Propositions A and B.

Hauptfeld also said he does not support raising taxes and said the new downtown library was a mismanagement of funds.

"Well, the idea that we have to raise taxes I don't believe," he said. "I don't believe that that's true in order to maintain services and expand services and get the infrastructure taken care of like a lot of people have promised. We can eliminate mismanagement of funds, prioritize funding differently."

Hauptfeld joked that if elected, it would be a little late for him to stop construction of the new library. But he said he's against taking on new bond measures.

"Why are we taking on new bonds when in fact we still have that money in a fund that isn't being effectively used?" he said. "It's not necessarily cutting money, cutting expenses, but let's use the money that's already been allotted, use it effectively and wisely."

Hauptfeld said he also opposes Propositions A and B.

Scott Sherman, the Republican, was unable to appear on the show.

Rik Hauptfeld, Candidate for City Council District 7
Matt Kostrinsky, Candidate for City Council District 7