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Dole Expected To Sign 25 Year Lease

Amita Sharma
Dole To Renew Lease With Port
A 25-year lease is expected to be signed this week between Dole Foods Corp. and the Port of San Diego. We take a look at what it means to our region.
GUESTS:Randa Coniglio, Port of San Diego Executive Vice President W. Erik Bruvold, President, National University System Institute for Policy Research
Dole Expected to Sign 25 Year Lease
Fresh fruit from South America will continue to flow through San Diego's port if a new lease deal is approved Tuesday.

Ten years ago, Dole Fresh Fruit Company moved its West Coast operations from Los Angeles to San Diego. Since then, the company has occupied space at the 10th Avenue Terminal on the San Diego waterfront, unloading and distributing shiploads of fruit every week.

With their initial ten year lease due to expire in December, Dole and the Port of San Diego have negotiated a new lease. This time for 24 years.

The Port's Director of Maritime Operations, Joel Valenzuela, said he's pleased that Dole is renewing.


"I think it shows a great commitment on Dole's part in terms of their view that they have a future for growth in San Diego" he said.

Valenzuela said retaining Dole shows that San Diego is a big player in the cargo market. And, it keeps people in the area working.

"They employ a number of people here at the terminal including their own employees, longshore workers, truckers and a lot of middle income jobs are created as a result of their operation in San Diego," he said.

Valenzuela said the lease agreement is not a done-deal until the board approves it. But there is a signing ceremony already scheduled for 1 p.m. on Tuesday.