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Vicki Estrada: 10 Years As A 'Natural Woman'

It's been a decade since Estrada announced male to female transition on KPBS

Vicki Estrada: 10 Years As A 'Natural Woman'
Vicki Estrada: 10 Years As A 'Natural Woman' GUEST: Vicki Estrada, landscape architect, Estrada Land Planning

In 2005, San Diego business and civil leader Steve Estrada announced on KPBS he intended to become a woman.

Fast forward 10 years, Vicki Estrada, is now opening up about what the past decade of her life has been like.

“That interview changed my life,” Estrada, president of Estrada Land Planning, told KPBS Midday Edition on Wednesday. “I went back to the office as Vicki and never looked back.”


But Estrada, who has been involved in major San Diego projects, including the Balboa Park Master Plan, said it wasn’t all “peachy” immediately after the announcement.

“My friends and clients and family transitioned with me,” Estrada said. “It’s a little awkward in a social setting. My daughter will say, ‘This is my dad, Vicki.’ But they are not embarrassed. They’ve come around to be very supportive.”

Estrada said the change was the result of something she felt when she was young. Today, she’s married to another transgender woman, Linda.


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