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All-Star Game Lineup Gets Released Tuesday

Opening day ceremonies are shown at Petco Park before a game between the the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers, April 4, 2016.
Associated Press
Opening day ceremonies are shown at Petco Park before a game between the the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers, April 4, 2016.

All-Star Game Lineup Gets Released Tuesday
All-Star Game Lineup Gets Released Tuesday GUEST: Jay Paris, sports writer, Mighty 1090

It has not always been joyful watching baseball at Petco Park this season if you are a Padres fan. It's about to get much better even if you're not much of a baseball fan. The All-Star game takes place in San Diego and the festivities begin this weekend. Our guest is Jay Paris . Let's start with All-Star game 101. This game pits the best player of the national against the best players of the American like why do they have an All-Star game in the middle of the baseball season to begin with. ________________________________________ In the Aldgate -- old days of the only time he got to see the American League and national league to play against each other. Now they have interleague play where the two leaks can mix it up a little bit more. It's more of an exhibition and Midsummer classic. It doesn't really mean much even though they tried to trumpet up to make it mean more but it's the ability to see the game's best players in nine innings at one place. It's a fun time and this is the third one that San Diego has. ________________________________________ Had& -- Pick the host city. You have to -- ________________________________________ You have to go through the hole hips. The been to three or four ownership groups of the last three -- few years ago -- or so Petco Park is an absolute jewel. Will show very well across the nation. ________________________________________ This is the first in Petco Park. ________________________________________ The first two were at Jack Murphy Stadium at QUALCOMM Stadium. I really like the All-Star game. I went to my first one when I was eight years old in 1967. It was in Anaheim and since then it went 15 innings and just as a boy seeing the names of the big stars. ________________________________________ Which is the All-Star game due for a city. ________________________________________ Allows it city to put its best foot forward. ________________________________________ All eyes are on your city that day because there's no other games going on. Everybody is focused in and maybe some travelers Arcturus to would normally come to San Diego are exposed to it and those guys that sell hotel rooms hope they come back. ________________________________________ Other been notable appearances by San Diego players and All-Star games? ________________________________________ It's a great history going back to Ted Williams. Even just the local ones here. Dave Winfield and Rollie fingers for the Padres representatives and I always look at Tony Glenn also. He scored the winning run. They are now an executive at the Padres. One of my special memories is 2001 in Seattle he didn't really make the team but they made him an honor. I don't know if I've ever seen this they stopped the entire game. He meant damage to baseball and the 90 to 1 the first George Bush attended and now Mark McGwire was approached -- coach for the Padres won the home run Derby. You can find the connections they get away from their own team. ________________________________________ I understand the lineup has not been announced yet. ________________________________________ One great thing about the All-Star game is every team gets represented which is cool if you are it down of that team no matter how good or bad they are playing. Look for Wil Myers the first baseman for the Padres. Look for him to be the representative for San Diego. We will probably only have one. ________________________________________ I mention the festivities working up to the game on Tuesday give us a brief rundown of the events that are tied to the game. ________________________________________ It is all through the weekend. ________________________________________ It it goes this weekend with the fan Fest 500,000 square-foot baseball heaven. Everything from clinics from old-timers getting autographs to Hall of Fame this it really is cool. It's accessible pricewise and family wise people that can't afford to go to the game can go to fan Fest. There's also the yoga pose. I don't think they did this with Ted Williams back in the 30s. I'm not sure what they are doing it by waterfront Park and having a 5K as well. They are having a celebrity softball game and some of the old legends come out and they also have the futures game which is the best players that are quite major leaguers your. All the stars now played in the futures game. If you go down and see that you will see the stars now. In the home run Derby the day before the game which has really grown in popularity going back to 1978 the first All-Star game that was the first time they opened up the doors for workouts. All these people showed up with dollar signs in their head. They saw we have something here. The home run Derby is the day before and in the grand game on Tuesday and would also school is they will parade all the players from the Manchester Hyatt there in cars and parade them downmarket to the ballpark. If you understand on the curb you can do that. ________________________________________ Inode you will be going to the All-Star game. ________________________________________ In spirit. ________________________________________ To ask for tickets.


The starting lineup for this year's All-Star Game will be released Tuesday afternoon, a week before the July 12 game at Petco Park.


First baseman Wil Myers is a strong candidate to be the San Diego Padres' representative on the National League team, said Mighty1090 sports writer Jay Paris. Myers was named the league's player of the month for June.

Paris has been to more than a dozen All-Star Games, dating back to 1967 in Anaheim. That includes the 1978 and 1992 San Diego-hosted games, held in what's now called Qualcomm Stadium.

Paris said that "1978 was kind of like putting the stamp on San Diego being a big league baseball city. Qualcomm was pretty spiffy back then."

Before Petco Park was opened in 2004, the Padres and San Diego Chargers shared Qualcomm Stadium.

Paris joins KPBS Midday Edition on Tuesday. He will talk about the Padres players who have made All-Star Game history and the festivities surrounding this year's game.