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San Diego's Top Weekend Events: A Funny Guy, A 'Funny Girl' And John Adams

A promotional poster for the 2018 production of "1776 In Concert" at Moonlight Amphitheatre.
Courtesy of Moonlight
A promotional poster for the 2018 production of "1776 In Concert" at Moonlight Amphitheatre.
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: A Funny Guy, A 'Funny Girl' And John Adams
San Diego's Top Weekend Events: A Funny Guy, A 'Funny Girl' And John Adams GUEST: Nina Garin, editor/producer, KPBS/Arts Calendar

Just because the Fourth of July is over does not mean the patriotic spirit has left our weekend preview, a concert of the great Broadway musical 1776 is on tap, that plus a big-name comedian comes to town. And an anniversary celebration at Digital Gym Cinema. Joining me is arts calendar editor Nina Garin. >> I know some people make a tradition of seeing the movie version of 1776 every year around the Fourth of July. But what we are talking about is a live performance. Tell us about this. >> Before Hamilton, this was your go to musical about American history. But it doesn't focus on Hamilton, it focuses on John Adams. And it is about Adams trying to get all of his colleagues to sign the declaration of independence. It is being put on as a concert by moonlight amphitheater. >> What does it mean that it is a concert? >> It's not a full musical production. You are going to get the costumes or the sets or any of that. Stuff. But you will get this beautiful 20 piece orchestra on the stage, usually they are in the pit, but tomorrow they are going to be on the stage. And it is going to have musical theater favorites performing all of the roles in dark outfits. >> This is more of a traditional sounding musical in Hamilton. But there are similarities in the way the songs are presented, is that right? >> It does not sound the same when you first listen to it, because obviously, Hamilton has the rap and hip-hop in the jazz. In 1776 is very traditional. I would say not a musical for beginners. But if you listen closely it does have clever lyrics, there is a lot of layering, and there are harmonies, and you do see the influences on the show Hamilton. >> Let's listen to music from 1776, this is sit down, John from the original 1969 Broadway recording. >> [ Music ] >> That's from 1776. This is not a musical that estates very often, why is moonlight doing it now? >> It was timed as a Fourth of July event. It is also timely because it shows people with different opinions coming together and making compromises and doing what is best for the country. >> Creating the country actually. 1776 in concert happened Saturday at moonlight amphitheater. >> Comedian Kevin Hart is bringing his act to San Diego. Tell us about his irresponsible tour. >> This is a massive tour. He has been on the road since March. He is gone all over the United States. He is finally coming here. He is also going to Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is playing arenas and it is the first time he is performing in the round which even though the shows are in use locations it makes it feel intimate. >> Why is it called irresponsible tour? >> I don't know if it is poking fun or acknowledging the public scandals that have been surfacing, he was caught on video with a woman who is not his wife. I believe his wife was pregnant. And then a friend of his was trying to extort him by threatening to release the video. It is a lot. I think he is acknowledging yes, I was irresponsible. >> But in reality, professionally, he is far from irresponsible. He seems to be everywhere. >> He is, he's in movies, he is in the new Jumanji, he has his own production company. He has written a New York Times best-selling book. He designed underwear. India's partner of Tommy John underwear. He is a super fitness grew type guy, he runs, and is always posing for these men's health magazines. He is one of the highest-paid comedians out there. >> How would you describe is comedy? >> He is very self-deprecating, even though he is mega famous he is always talking about him in relation to his rich friends. He talks about his struggling childhood, lots of pop culture references, and there is also, be aware, a lot of profanity. It is a very broad but relatable. >> He performs Saturday at Viejas Arena. And finally, Trent dirt >> Digital Gym Cinema is celebrating their fifth anniversary with a twist. Remind us about Digital Gym Cinema. >> It is a small movie theater in Northpark. It shows where films, indie films, foreign films, things that maybe would not get seen in San Diego otherwise. It is a great location, a lot of festivals have moved over there. >> How are they celebrating? >> They are screening movies that are celebrating anniversaries in 2018 also, it starts day with who framed Roger rabbit and it will also feature funny girls 50th anniversary, lost in translation's 15 anniversary, women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the red shoes with its 70th anniversary. >> 70 a. How do some of these older movies hold up? >> "The Red Shoes" is so gorgeous, it has so many colors, and it was restored not that long ago. You can see how inventive and intelligent that film was. No one was making movies like that anymore. And with funny girl, it will always hold up thanks to Barbra Streisand. >> And you brought a clip from funny girl. This is don't rain on my parade. >> [ Music ] the digital gym anniversary screenings begin today and continue through July 12. I have been speaking with arts calendar editor Nina Garin. >> A news update with the brush fire is coming up next. I'm Maureen Cavanaugh have a great weekend.

This weekend brings a musical about John Adams, comedy by Kevin Hart and a festival that showcases films celebrating anniversaries, including "Funny Girl" and "The Red Shoes."

"1776 In Concert"

Music, Theater

Did you know there’s a musical about American history that’s not “Hamilton?” It’s called “1776” and it’s being staged for one night only at Moonlight Amphitheatre.


Instead of focusing on Alexander Hamilton, 1776 is the story of John Adams and his quest to get his colleagues to sign the Declaration of Independence.

It’s not a show that’s done very often, but Moonlight is staging it as a concert. So there won’t be elaborate sets or costumes, but you will hear the music performed by local theater favorites and a 20-piece orchestra.

Details: 8 p.m. Saturday. Moonlight Amphitheatre, 1200 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista. $15 to $45; find tickets to "1776."

Kevin Hart was the most successful comedian last year. He's seen here speaking at the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners in Las Vegas.
Alberto E. Rodriguez Getty Images for CinemaCon
Kevin Hart was the most successful comedian last year. He's seen here speaking at the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners in Las Vegas.

Kevin Hart



Comedian and movie star Kevin Hart returns to San Diego for his Irresponsible Tour, a massive show that he's performing all over the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

It’s the first time Hart performs stand-up in the round, a staging technique that makes his arena shows feel more intimate. While the set up is new, the jokes will still have Hart's brand of self-deprecating humor mixed with celebrity anecdotes and lots of swearing.

And if you’re wondering about the title, "Irresponsible," that’s a reference to some of Hart’s personal life scandals that made recent headlines.

Details: 7 p.m. Saturday. Viejas Arena, 5500 Canyon Crest Drive, SDSU. $39 to $195; find tickets to Kevin Hart.

A photo from the 1948 film "The Red Shoes."
Courtesy of IMDB
A photo from the 1948 film "The Red Shoes."

Digital Gym 5th Anniversary Movie Screenings


Digital Gym Cinema celebrates its fifth anniversary by screening favorite films also celebrating an anniversary in 2018.

It begins with the 30th anniversary of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and continues with classics like "Funny Girl," "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown," and "The Red Shoes."

Digital Gym is a small movie theater in North Park that screens foreign and independent films that otherwise wouldn’t be seen in San Diego.

Details: Begins today and continues through July 12. Digital Gym Cinema, 2921 El Cajon Blvd., North Park. $7 to $11; find tickets to Digital Gym.