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Roundtable: Parsing Dire Warnings In UN Climate Report

Roundtable: Parsing Dire Warnings In UN Climate Report
Roundtable: Parsing Dire Warnings In UN Climate Report
Roundtable: Parsing The Dire Warnings In The UN Climate Report PANEL: Erik Anderson, environment reporter, KPBS News Jill Castellano, investigative reporter and data analyst, inewsouce V. "Ram" Ramanathan, Professor of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences Ry Rivard, reporter, Voice of San Diego

Global Warning

The climate report from the United Nations this week was frightening. It warned that unless humanity takes dramatic action, we will be dealing with the devastating consequences of global warming by 2040: flooding, drought, worsening wildfires and storms, and food and water shortages. Some scientists think the report is too optimistic. The state also released a report that is similarly alarming. Several American politicians, including President Trump, continue to downplay the issue.

Stadium Site Measures

Campaigning for Measures E and G heat up, with competing ads vying for voters' support. If voters go for Measure E, they will get the SoccerCity vision for Mission Valley: a soccer stadium and hopefully a soccer team, housing, commercial space and a river park. If they go for Measure G, they will get an expansion of the SDSU campus into SDSU West, with a stadium for Aztec football, housing, research facilities and, again, a river park. Or will they? The ads show less optimistic outcomes for both proposals.

Of course, it's possible neither measure will pass and the city will have to decide how to develop the site.

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Follow the Money: Gas Tax Edition

Proposition 6 is the ballot initiative to repeal California's gas tax. It was started by San Diego's own Carl DeMaio. He says it's an unfair tax that is a burden to working families, who are already strapped. Opponents of Prop 6 say a billion dollars has already been generated from the tax and the money funds road repairs and transportation projects.

There is bigger money is on the opposition side and it's coming from unions and corporations. Support is mostly a grassroots affair with some bigger donations coming from local GOP politicians.