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MST3K takes the stage at Balboa Theatre on Sunday

Cody York
Emily Marsh is the newest co-test subject, Emily Connor in "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Time Bubble Tour" taking place live at the Balboa Theater on Sunday, Dec. 26.

Time Bubble Tour offers live MST3K with screening of Roland Emmerich's 'Making Contact'

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" (MST3K) hits the road with a live Time Bubble Tour. The crew performs this Sunday at Balboa Theatre.

Back in 1988, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" found a way to make watching bad movies fun by serving up a human test subject forced to watch bad movies on a spacecraft run by mad scientists. The purpose is to find one that will drive the test subject insane.

This Sunday, the experience of watching Roland Emmerich's 1985 film "Making Contact" will be made not just bearable but actually entertaining as the cast of "MST3K" goes live at the Balboa Theatre. Emmerich's film involves supernatural forces, a boy with psychic powers and a possessed ventriloquist dummy so there's plenty of fodder for the comic minds of "MST3K" to work with.


Emily Marsh joined the cast for season 13 and is currently touring with the show. She said she actually enjoys watching bad movies.

"I've been telling people is this isn't just a job," she said. "This is also a passion because after doing a show, we've watched this bad movie, we've ripped it with a live audience and honestly, a lot of the times we get on the bus and then watch another bad movie for pleasure because we are insane and just absolutely love it."

She also loves that it's very much about family-friendly movies.

"As a result, it's very cross-generational," Marsh said. "I watched the show growing up with my dad, and I know that that a lot of our fans are coming with their kids. So they watched it and then they're bringing their kids to come see it. It's something that's so shareable across generations, and, yeah, everybody appreciates a bad movie."

She said the live show is "mostly exactly how you would be watching an episode,"


"So we have a movie we're watching that is truly terrible. We have host segments to break up the terribleness of this movie," Marsh said. "And you have the two bots, GPC, and me, the host, riffing along with the movie. The things that are a little bit different is that instead of it just being you and three friends, it's a whole audience filled with MSTies. And I've found that to be really fun."

What's fun for Marsh is that unlike during a taping of the show, she actually gets to hear the audience react.

"Now I know exactly which jokes are working, which ones aren't," she said.

"MST3K: The Time Bubble Tour" takes place A 7 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 26.