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San Diegan writes book about attending 500 NFL games

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Courtesy of CG Sports Co.
Brian Gushue is pictured at Lambeau Field in Greenbay, Wisconsin in this undated photo.

Many San Diegans have gone through a period of football withdrawal in the past few years. Since the Chargers left in 2016, some have switched allegiances to the local Aztecs or an out-of-town NFL team, but that old fan feeling has been hard to come by.

One San Diegan has a different way of coping.

Former North County Times copy editor Brian Gushue achieved his goal of attending 500 NFL games, despite having cerebral palsy.


"Being able to play football in the neighborhood with the kids I grew up with, that was just such a great shot of self esteem. It made me feel so good that I could do something on par with them," he told KPBS Midday Edition. "Watching the game reminds me of those memories. So I get to appreciate the game being played at its highest level, while also being reminded of my memories playing it."

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Now he's written a book about achieving his goal called "The Grass Is Always Greener: One Football Fan’s Quest To Attend 500 NFL Games."

"I thought, who knows, it might inspire others to maybe do something similar or just something that shows them or reminds them that a disability need not deter somebody from pursuing their dreams, because this was mine and I didn't let my disability stop me in any way," Gushue said.