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Housing help for college students looking to find an affordable place to rent

Antoine Didienne
Hamilton, Arina, Perrine, Anna, and Ryan originally from Kentucky, Lithuania, France, and northern California came to study in San Diego without local connections. They are seen here in a photo from Spring 2022 after becoming roommates through the platform, in San Diego, Calif.

For college students finding a place to live in San Diego can be a challenge. With the median cost of rent for a two-bedroom apartment at $2,500, it's easy to fall victim to online scammers offering something more affordable.

"The scamming problem is huge, scammers are very smart online. And when students are just desperate to find a place, it can be very easy to get scammed," said Christine Olory founder Room Chazer, which connects students with rooms and roommates.

Olory said she first started working to help French students find housing in San Diego as a way to make extra money when she came here on a student visa and was having trouble affording tuition. She eventually created Room Chazer as a way to connect roommates and quality rental properties. The platformed has been endorsed by San Diego State university, the University of San Diego, Alliant International University and others.


Olory spoke to Midday Edition, Thursday, about how it works.