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Pendleton Marine Commits Suicide

A young Marine based at Camp Pendleton was found dead in his Fallbrook home this week. His death has been ruled a suicide, and it comes in spite of a recent suicide prevention initiative on the base.

Lance Corporal Joseph Favela was found unconscious, hanging by the neck from a beam outside his home. Medical personnel were called to the scene close to midnight Monday and pronounced him dead.

Favela was 20 years old. He joined the Marines 18 months ago, and had not deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Officials at Camp Pendleton created a video earlier this year to raise awareness of the symptoms of suicidal feelings. The Marine Corps lost 41 troops to suicide nationwide last year, up from 33 the year before and 25 in 2006.

Demographic studies do not suggest deployment is a factor. About a third of those who committed suicide had not been deployed oversees. That’s the same rate of deployment as in the overall force.

Favela, who was originally from Texas, left behind a wife but no children. An investigation is ongoing.