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Pat Tillman's Mother Outraged at Gen. McChrystal's New Gig (Video)

Mary Tillman
Getty Images
Mary Tillman

Mary Tillman, the mother of Pat Tillman, has told ABC News she is furious that President Obama has put Gen. Stanley McChrystal in charge of the new military families initiative called "Joining Forces."

Mrs. Tillman believes Gen. McChrystal was responsible for covering up the true nature of how her son died. Tillman was killed by friendly-fire, but Mrs. Tillman says McChrystal led everyone to believe her son was killed by Afghan insurgents. She tells ABC News Obama was "foolish" for choosing McChrystal:

Politico reports White House spokesman Jay Carney as saying President Obama believes McChrystal is an "excellent" choice for the job.


Video Courtesy of ABC News:

What do you think of Obama's choice of McChrystal to head up Joining Forces?