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Best Bad Military Movies for Memorial Day Weekend (Video)

The city of Oceanside will help us all celebrate Memorial Day weekend by marking the 25th anniversary of "Top Gun" with a special airing of the film. According to San Diego 6:

I've seen "Top Gun" probably two dozen times since it was released, and not because I think it's a great movie. In my personal opinion, it's quite cheesy, but in a completely can't-take-your-eyes-off-it kind of way. And the special Memorial Day weekend showing of "Top Gun" has inspired me to list a few of my favorite bad military movies.

1) " The volleyball scene is simultaneously one of the greatest and worst scenes in movie history.


2) "Pearl Harbor The scene where Josh Hartnett dies at the end (belated spoiler alert) is so bad, it is mocked at the beginning of Team America: World Police. Also, Ben Affleck's bad Southern accent is an affront to Southern people.

3) Alexander Colin Farrell's "epically bad dye job" and mullet, plus the fact Angelina Jolie plays his mother (although she is less than a year older than him in real life) is reason enough to love hating this movie about one of the greatest military figures in world history, Alexander the Great. And Jolie's accent is incomprehensible.

Here's the clip I mentioned from Pearl Harbor. I' cold!