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Is Military Band Funding Out of Tune in a Recession? (Video)

Seems so. The House of Representatives voted today to slash funding for military bands, cutting $125 million from the bands' budget. The Washington Post reports the vote means the budget for military bands would be about $200 million. If the Senate approves similar cuts, it would be the first time ever Congress agreed to slash funds for military bands, according to the Post.

Rep. Betty McCollum of Minnesota is behind the push to reduce funds for military band spending, arguing it's irresponsible to fully fund the bands during a recession. She asked rhetorically:

“Is this House really capable of gutting investments in women’s health care but allowing a $5 million increase in funding for military bands?”

Apparently not, as the House voted 226 to 199 to reduce funding.


Ever heard a military band in action? If not, check out this video of the US Marine Band playing at the Rose Parade, courtesy of KTLA:

Is Military Band Funding Out of Tune in a Recession? (Video)