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"America's Got Talent" Singer Sticks To Story Of Combat Injuries (Video)

"America's Got Talent" contestant Timothy Poe suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving in the military. That's his story and he's sticking to it, despite the fact military records show absolutely no evidence of the brain trauma he says was caused by a grenade explosion.

Poe sent his personal medical records to Dallas television station WFAA as proof of his injures. (See video at the top of this post.)

Poe appeared on Monday's episode of AGT, telling the judges and audience in stuttering speech that he was wounded in combat while serving his country. He then performed the Garth Brooks hit "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and received a standing ovation from the audience - and judges Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, and Sharon Osbourne.

Advertisement reports Howard Stern was sickened by Poe's alleged lies:

“You could be the most f*ed up liar on the planet, but you never lie about your military service. It messes it up for every real veteran who comes back from the war. Now no one believes you...This lie is so wrong on so many levels... This really sickens me... What as this guy thinking, that he was never going to be discovered?... I want to interview this guy so badly."

According to what anonymous sources told the Associated Press, America's Got Talent producers never did a background check on Tim Poe before he appeared on the show.