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Navy Widow Uses Craigslist To Find Pallbearers In San Diego (Video)

The widow of a former Sailor who died suddenly of a seizure in San Diego had to resort to Craigslist to find pallbearers for her late husband's funeral.

Kenneth Nosik, 26, was a Philadelphia native. He died on June 2nd in Chula Vista. He and his wife Yvonne had been San Diego residents for six years during Nosik's Navy service, according to He retired from the Navy in September 2011.

When Yvonne started planning for her husband's funeral, she realized all Nosik's Navy friends were deployed aboard the USS Vandegrift, which left San Diego on May 1. That's when Yvonne decided to go high-tech in her search for pallbearers, and posted a request on Craigslist, according to Philadelphia television station Fox 29 News.


Yvonne's call for help was soon answered:

"They showed me that my husband is not forgotten and that they leave no man behind."

Kenneth was buried with military honors on Monday at Miramar National Cemetery. To watch a 10News report on the funeral, click here.

According to 10News, Yvonee Nosik donated her husband's organs. One of the attendees at Kenneth Nosik's funeral was the mother of a 17-year-old girl who received Nosik's kidneys after waiting on a transplant list for years.