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16 San Diego-Based Sailors Busted For Spice

Smoking Spice
Navy Medicine
Smoking Spice

"Not on my watch, not on my ship, not in my Navy."

Those are the words of USS New Orleans Cmdr. Dennis Jacko, who announced this week that 16 of his sailors have been busted for using the designer drug Spice. According to USS New Orleans Public Affairs, one Sailor has already been kicked out of the Navy with an other than honorable discharge. The other fifteen Sailors have pending administrative separation.


The Sailors were ordered to take drug tests after someone dropped a dime on the Spice smokers:

In early August, leadership onboard "<a href="">Big Easy</a>" identified several junior Sailors using an empty Marine troop berthing to smoke Spice. In the ensuing investigation seven Sailors tested positive for Spice from a command-directed urinalysis.<br><br>Nine additional Sailors tested positive for Spice from an unannounced command sweep urinalysis conducted at the end of July.
Spice is a synthetic form of marijuana that can have side effects like hallucinations, paranoia, vomiting, and panic attacks. The Federal Drug Enforcement Agency classifies Spice as a Schedule I Drug - the same category of drugs like heroin, marijuana, and ecstasy.

The Navy banned the use of Spice in 2010. More than 1,500 Sailors got kicked out of the Navy in 2011 for using or distributing Spice.