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Veterans And Active Duty Military Needed For Radio Show

An international radio program is looking to talk to active-duty service members about, well, whatever the military folks want to talk about. The BBC program "World Have Your Say" has asked Home Post to put the word out - they want to know what's important to the men and women serving in the U.S. military and recent veterans, and they want to hear from YOU.

Producer Tim Deferamond tells me the crew of "World Have Your Say" plans to do an hour-long taped radio special at About Face Tattoo in Oceanside, California on Friday, October 26:

"It would be a real privilege to have members of the armed forces share their stories with us, whether it’s talking about what it’s like serving far away from friends and family, coming home after long tours of duty, planning for the future, and motivations for joining up.

"We don't have a particular agenda, instead we want to hear about the issues that really matter to those who take part. We know the rules about what [service members] can and can't say, and we won't put anyone in a position where they feel compromised at all. In fact, we're really just coming to listen, so rather than asking questions we want to let our participants talk among themselves."
I'll be on the show, too, and if you have ANY questions please contact me at, and I'll get right back to you.

Thank you!