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Soldier Pulls Off Creative Surprise Reunion At Olive Garden (Video)

Olive Garden reunion
Olive Garden reunion

Tasty breadsticks, all-you-can-eat salad, and surprise military reunions. These days, Olive Garden has it all!

Check out this extremely creative homecoming, planned by a soldier for her mom and sister, that took place at the ubiquitous Italian eatery.

The soldier's sister posted the reunion video on, writing:

“My sister, Sergeant Coody, surprised our mom and one of our sisters after a year of deployment to Afghanistan. Sergeant Coody pretends to be a waitress at a local Olive Garden, when our own mother doesn’t even recognize her at first. The best surprise EVER! Thanks so much to the manager and waitress, Liz, at Olive Garden for making this so special. We couldn’t of done it without you!”

Click here to watch the video.