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Navy Fires Carrier Air Wing Official Amid Adultery Allegations

Master Chief Petty Officer Brian K. Page
U.S. Navy
Master Chief Petty Officer Brian K. Page

The Navy has fired Master Chief Petty Officer Brian K. Page, 42, from his position as command master chief of Carrier Air Wing 2 amid allegations he continued an extramarital affair after being reprimanded for the relationship.

Carrier Air Wing 2 is attached to the San Diego-based USS Ronald Reagan.

According to a Navy Times investigation, Page carried on an affair for at least three years with a female chief petty officer. The affair was discovered when the Navy selected Page to become command master chief of the USS George Bush. He didn't get the new job, but was able to keep his old job with CAW 2 because he planned to retire.


Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, spokesman for Naval Air Forces in San Diego, told the Navy Times:

“The administrative action was formal counseling and wasn’t <a href="">captain’s mast</a>, and he wasn’t relieved from the job at the time."

A Navy news release states that the Navy is now looking into whether Page continued the extramarital affair after he was disciplined:

A new investigation is currently underway to determine if Page continued to engage in misconduct despite the earlier administrative action.

Page has been assigned to the staff of Commander, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific, while the Navy completes its investigation.


According to the Navy Times, Page's wife filed for divorce in February.