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Foul Play Not Suspected In Navy Boat Shooting

Law enforcement surrounds Navy boat where shooting took place.
Law enforcement surrounds Navy boat where shooting took place.

NCIS investigators looking into the death of a sailor Tuesday afternoon aboard a Navy security boat say the shooting doesn't appear to be a homicide, and they don't suspect foul play.

Navy spokesman Brian O'Rourke reported to Coronado Patch that law enforcement officials aren't looking for any suspects in the sailor's death.

Steve Urschel told NBC 7 that he saw the dramatic scene play out as Navy and Harbor Police boats raced to the B Street Pier after being notified of a possible shooting.

After the victim was pronounced dead by medics, Urschel said one of the sailor's friends was visibly shaken:

"He looked very, very worried. There were other people around, filling around him, giving him hugs, patting him on the back trying to support him after what happened. Obviously it was not good."

As Home Post reported Tuesday, the shooting took place at roughly 3:45 in the afternoon in a Navy security boat moored on the eastern shore of San Diego Bay, near the foot of the Broadway Pier.

The shooting victims has not yet been publicly identified, pending notification of his or her next-of-kin.