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San Diego-Based USS Pinckney Ends Its Search For Malaysia Airines MH370 (Video)

The San Diego-based USS Pinckney will no longer be a part of the international search mission for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The Navy has announced the Pinckney will instead head to Singapore for maintenance.

7th Fleet spokesman Cmdr. William Marks told the Navy Times:

“In coordination with the government of Malaysia, we have decided to send USS Pinckney to Singapore for planned maintenance and routine voyage repairs.

"With the search area expanding into the Strait of Malacca, Pinckney is not currently needed until follow-on information is available and planning occurs. She will continue searching during her transit south today.”
The San Diego-based USS Kidd is still involved in the search for the missing plane, which disappeared Saturday about an hour after departing Kuala Lumpur for Beijing.

The Kidd's crew is using advanced technology like radar and infrared sensors to scour the ocean below for any signs of MH370.


But Cmdr. Gabe Varela explained to UT San Diego that the crew is still using old-school methods like lookouts using binoculars to spot debris:

“We don’t want to miss any opportunity as we move through the water if there’s any chance of us coming across any evidence."

The search team scouring the seas for the vanished plane includes a dozen countries, 42 ships, and 39 aircraft, according to CNBC.

But CNN reports confusion still reigns as far as where to look for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which seems to have vanished into thin air (see video up top).