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Wounded Warriors Wanted For New Navy Study In San Diego (Video)

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Brian Meyer
Marine Gunnery Sgt. Brian Meyer

San Diego's Naval Health Research Center is looking for Wounded Warriors to take part in its six-year study on the quality of life for men and women who've been injured in the post 9/11 wars.

The Associated Press reports roughly 1,500 people have agreed to participate, but the Navy hopes to have 10,000 for the study.

U.S. military personnel interested in the Wounded Warrior Recovery Project can click here for more information.


Researchers are looking for that special something — perhaps resiliency is the best word for it — that allows some wounded troops to push through horrific injuries and the grueling recovery that follows, and end up leading full, rich lives:

The study aims to provide one of the broadest reviews yet of how post 9-11 veterans with a variety of combat injuries are coping and enjoying life, and how much their quality of life impacts their long-term care.

One veteran who is looking forward to participating in the study is Marine Gunnery Sgt. Brian Meyer. He is a former explosives technician who lost his leg and hand in a 2011 bomb blast in Afghanistan. Here's a little background on Meyer's incredible story:

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