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Chelsea Manning To Start Treatment For Gender Dysphoria In Army Prison

How Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning sees herself as a trans woman.
Alicia Neal
How Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning sees herself as a trans woman.

Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, will begin treatment for gender identity disorder while in military custody at Fort Leavenworth's prison, according to The Associated Press.

The Army had requested Manning be sent to a civilian correctional facility for more sophisticated treatment, but the Bureau of Prisons denied that request.

Two senior U.S. defense officials told NBC News:

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel approved the Army recommendation to begin the early stages of gender reassignment, which is marked primarily by psychiatric and psychological counseling.

This approval also allows Manning to wear women's undergarments and shoes.
In 2013, a military judge found Manning guilty of espionage for handing over top secret government documents to Wikileaks, an anti-secrecy group. She announced her desire to receive treatment for gender dysphoria a day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison.

The New York Times reports Manning will be eligible for parole in about six years.

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