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Green Beret Veteran Now Serving As US Open's Oldest Ball Boy (Video)

The U.S. Open Has an Old Ball Boy

Todd Reed is far from your typical ball boy at this year's U.S. Open tennis tournament. For one thing, at 53-years-old, he's older than the rest of the boys (and girls). Reed is also a retired Green Beret who lost his leg in Iraq during Desert Storm.

Reed told NBC News he wears his red, white, and blue prosthetic leg with pride:

“I have never let it hold me back."

Reed, a retired police officer with three grandkids, auditioned to be a ball boy (or ball person, as he prefers) through the U.S. Tennis Association’s USTA Military Initiative.

Tina Taps, director of ball persons, explained to the New York Post why she hired Reed:

“You have to be calm under stressful situations, not get flustered. It’s a natural fit for someone like Todd.”

The U.S. Open began on Aug. 25, and lasts until Sep. 8.