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Number Of US Troops In Liberia For Ebola Battle Continues To Grow (Video)

U.S. Troops Help Fight Ebola In Liberia

The mission is called Operation United Assistance, and it's the U.S. military's effort in West Africa to curb the worst Ebola outbreak in human history.

U.S. military task force in Western Africa is currently made up of 539 American service members. Army officials expect that number to balloon to about 3,200 troops over the next month.

Most of the troops currently in West Africa have been charged with setting up health care facilities in Liberia, according to the Department of Defense.

Still, the Pentagon requires twice daily checks of U.S. service members in West Africa for any possible Ebola symptoms.

Army Maj. Gen. Daryl Williams explained to reporters via Skype from Liberia:

“We are monitoring ourselves every single day ... and we keep our distance [from others]. Transmission of this disease is about coming into contact with other people’s bodily fluids. I don’t expect to be doing that, I don’t expect any soldiers will be doing that."

The World Health Organization expects the worldwide death toll from the Ebola virus to hit 4,500 people this week.