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Roundtable: March For Our Lives

Roundtable: March For Our Lives
Roundtable: March For Our Lives
Roundtable: March For Our Lives PANEL:Megan Burks, education reporter, KPBS News Jeff McDonald, investigative reporter, The San Diego Union-Tribune Tony Perry, former San Diego bureau chief, LA Times Steve Walsh, military reporter, KPBS News

March For Our Lives

San Diego will be part of a nationwide day of demonstrations known as March For Our Lives on Saturday. The organized effort is the latest in a series of walkouts and protests calling for tougher gun laws in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Our discussion touches on how this weekend’s march compares to the recent high school walkouts, gun reforms adopted in Florida as a result of the Parkland shooting and how the issue of gun reform will play in the 2018 general election.

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San Diego Overcharged for Hepatitis A Cleanup

The company hired to pressure wash sidewalks during the peak of San Diego’s deadly hepatitis A outbreak billed the county for nearly $1 million. The county rejected the invoices, arguing they were overbilled. Our discussion centers on the nature of the disputed charges, why this particular company was chosen and if San Diego officials could have saved money with a local vendor.

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War in Iraq: 15 Years Later

U.S. involvement in Iraq reached the 15-year mark this week. While the formal combat mission ended several years ago, thousands of American troops remain in the country to provide security and help Iraqi forces deal with threats such as ISIS. Our discussion includes perspectives from two journalists who reported from Iraq and a look at the impact the war has had on San Diego’s military installations.

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