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A Minority Report

My answer to those questions is basically no, I'm not. Who wants to think of themselves as a weirdo, after all? But it did get me thinking about what I'd seen on Super Tuesday. The number of women voting Democratic at my precinct was overwhelmingly high compared to women voting Republican, as were the number of Latinos and Latinas voting Democratic.

Seeing the numbers made me wonder whether the rumors I'd read about Latinos being anti-Obama, as a race issue, could have possibly been true. It made me really sad to consider that possibility. The idea of Latinos and Latinas in California voting against a candidate because of his race seemed too disturbing to take seriously.

& I'm not alone in this sentiment. It seems there are others who are defending the idea Latinos and Latinas are definitely not race voters . We are issues voters just like everyone else.


Who started this stinking rumor anyway? & Does anyone have any information about where it came from? & It seems absolutely ludicrous to me that the issue was raised to begin with. & My vote may not have followed the majority on Super Tuesday, but I'll stand behind the decision my fellow Latinos, Latinas, and women made in picking Senator Clinton. &


-Citizen Voices blogger Alma Sove has spent most of her life in San Diego and is currently attending law school. &