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Something for Nothing

If I understood him correctly, he wants to curtail lobbyists while increasing infrastructure & maintenance and other city services, all without raising taxes unless the voters decide they want to raise taxes. & From my standpoint it sounded more like a collection of soundbites for public pacification & than any new proposals for actual leadership.

As Steve from Citizen Voices pointed out on Monday, the city's costs to employ peace officers are going up . & Francis himself made the point in his interview that infrastructure within the city is in desparate need of & repair. Those repairs will cost money. &

But, as aides to Governor Schwarzenegger noted Monday when discussing the state's budget problems, there is a likelihood that the declining economy will produce less tax revenue . Senators Clinton and McCain are both proposing a summer holiday from federal gasoline taxes to help stimulate the economy .


My problem with Francis' plan is that I don't believe he can convince the voters of San Diego to raise new taxes on themselves & right now. & I don't believe anyone could under the current economic conditions. &

And if there are no new taxes, what is the plan to fix San Diego's infrastucture and pay its essential workers? & Do any of the candidates have a plan that can fix the city's problems without new sources of revenue? & If Francis does, he didn't mention it.