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Politics is Everywhere

Photo: Chuck Hartley

No, even at Comic-Con, the politics pervades. From the subplotsof the largest grossing movies (eavesdropping and aggressive questioning in The Dark Knight ) to the subtlety of various jabs in both directions throughout literature, and even to the bluntness of & the T-shirt above showing Sen. Barack Obama ripping open his shirt to reveal his secret identity, politics reaches every corner of our lives.

While I may not decide to vote for Cthulhu, and would probably just laugh off his campaign as a joke, & the presumption behind his fictional candidacy that the race is between various degrees of evil is a message and statement & of its own. &


So, maybe that's why I was so impressed by the Obama shirt in the photograph above. It would be so nice to see a national campaign this year based on positives, both in imagery and message. Then again, Comic-Con's all about fantasy and dreams, right? At least I was able to live the dream for a couple of days.

-Citizen Voices blogger Chuck Hartley is an attorney who lives in Escondido.