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S.D. Council Appoints Medical Marijuana Task Force

Medical Marijuana Task Force Formed

San Diego is asking a group of people to hammer out rules for medical marijuana dispensaries. The city council today appointed a task force to look into the issue.

The council appointed 11 people to the task force. It’s made up of doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, business owners and people in the medical marijuana field. Among other things, the group will look at how dispensaries can legally operate within the city. Councilwoman Marti Emerald says the task force is made up of people with different opinions on medical marijuana, including those who oppose it.


“You do have some people who aren’t real excited about medical marijuana being sold. But they have a point of view. And we need to honor and welcome all points of view so we can have a balanced policy moving forward,” she says.

Medical marijuana’s been legal in California since 1996, but San Diego County and several cities have placed a moratorium on dispensaries while the governments look into regulations.