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Latino-African American Coalition Creates County Redistricting Map

An African American-Latino coalition plans to present a map to San Diego County Supervisors Tuesday, redrawing the lines around their South Bay district.

Redistricting happens every ten years to more accurately reflect population changes recorded by the census.

Coalition spokesman, Barry Pollard, who is African American, said it was easy to redraw the lines to give minorities a better chance to be represented.


"It was not difficult," Pollard said,"it was rather easy, believe or not. It just made sense. What you are really looking at is to give us a chance, just a chance, to elect someone who understands our priorities. Maybe someone who lives over here so they know what we go through."

The county’s redistricting commission will present the board with three maps, none of which gives minorities a better chance of representation.

The 2010 census shows Latinos now make up more than a third of San Diego County's population, while Caucasians make up less than 50 percent.

The San Diego County Board is currently made up of five supervisors who are all white and all Republican. They have each held office for more than four terms.