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President's Budget Requests Border Expansion Funding

President Barack Obama released his federal budget proposal Wednesday, and among his funding priorities are two of the nation’s border crossings with Mexico.

The president wants $226 million to fund continued construction at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego, the world’s busiest land border crossing. He’s also requesting $61 million to expand the port of entry in Laredo, Texas.

President's Budget Requests Border Expansion Funding
Nearly $300 million of the federal budget would go to expand border crossings in San Diego and Laredo, Texas.

The crossing at San Ysidro has been under expansion for more than three years, with congressional funding coming in chunks. Local lawmakers want the project done as quickly as possible to reduce hours-long border waits they say harm the cross-border economy.


In a statement, the General Services Administration, which is in charge of construction, said the president’s proposed investments will increase efficiency, economic growth, and improve security at the nation’s ports.

But the president’s budget needs to get through Congress, which may not be easy, since lawmakers are still battling over ways to close the massive federal deficit.