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San Diego City Council To Consider Feb. 11 Runoff Election For Mayor

The City Council on Tuesday will consider scheduling a Feb. 11 runoff election for San Diego mayor, which pits two of its members against each other.

The date was proposed by San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland, who said she had to take into account numerous factors, including giving the county Registrar of Voters up to 28 days to certify results of the Nov. 19 special election, allowing the state-mandated 29 days of early voting, and avoiding holidays.

Councilman Kevin Faulconer was the top vote-getter last month with 42 percent. He'll face David Alvarez, who gained 27 percent. A recent poll showed the two in a dead heat for the runoff.


The winner will finish the nearly three years remaining in the term of Bob Filner, who stepped down in disgrace Aug. 30. Council President Todd Gloria has been filling in since then.

Maland said the registrar's office estimates the runoff will cost between $4 million and $4.5 million. The city of Solana Beach has already scheduled an election for Feb. 11, so some costs could be shared, she said.