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Public Safety

Booze And Spring Break: A Dangerous Mix

Spring Break is a time for many college students to cut loose -- but it's also a time when many make bad decisions.

With that in mind San Diego State University students teamed up today with advocates against drunk driving on a campus campaign to make the break safe this year.

A non-profit called RADD and SDSU’s Student Health Services hosted “Safe Spring Break.” Students got prizes and free food if they pledged to call a cab or be a designated driver for their friends.


Students tried on goggles that simulated being drunk. They answered trivia questions about how little alcohol it takes to become impaired.

RADD's Marian Novak said most students at SDSU know the consequences of drinking and driving.

“The generation of students at San Diego State I would say most of them will tell you when they go out they do have a designated driver," she said. "We’re here to say thank you for doing that, let’s give you some things to say thank you for making good decisions in your life.”

The lesson is sinking in: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports DUI deaths in California declined from 950 in 2009 to 791 in 2010.

The message also included cautions about practicing safe sex, being aware of the potential for sexual assault -- and even a promotion for sunscreen.


Liz Gaynor, a graduate assistant, said the best protection for students is information.

“We’re here for you if you have questions, if you need help ... letting them know we are here," she said.

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