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County Tax Collector Reminds People Just 12 Days Left To Pay Property Taxes

An aerial view of apartments in City Heights. Dec. 1, 2020.
Matthew Bowler
An aerial view of apartments in City Heights. Dec. 1, 2020.

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister reminded taxpayers Thursday they have just 12 days left to pay the second installment of their 2020-2021 property taxes before they face a 10% penalty plus a $10 fee.

"Our offices are still closed to the public, but we have a good alternative way to pay: Go online to and use an e-check," said McAllister. "The normal delinquent date of April 10 falls on a Saturday, so you have two extra days to send in those payments."

Paying with an e-check at is free; taxpayers just need their bank account and routing numbers. They will receive an immediate receipt once their payment is complete.


Online payments will be accepted until midnight on April 12. Taxpayers should complete a payment well before the automatic midnight cutoff. Mail payments must be U.S. Postal Service postmarked by April 12 to be considered on time.

So far, 37% of people have paid $1.3 billion in second installments, but $2.3 billion still needs to be collected.

"As COVID-19 restrictions loosen, we hope to reopen our branches with a focus on the health of our customers and employees," McAllister said. "In the meantime, we encourage everyone to try our online payment system."

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office does not accept cash payments. However, those who must pay in cash can obtain a cashier's check or money order. They can then mail their payment before the April 12 delinquent date using their return envelope to 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 162, San Diego, CA 92101.

Drop boxes will still be available outside all Treasurer-Tax Collector branches for those who must drop off a check payment.


The delinquent date will not be extended due to COVID-19. If small business owners or homeowners cannot pay their property taxes on time due to the pandemic, they must submit a penalty cancellation request by May 6, along with their payment and printed evidence to prove how they were impacted.