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Jennifer Robinson

Web Producer

Jen is a web producer at KPBS, responsible for program promotion, online membership-related activities, and is the editor of the KPBS community calendar. Jen has worked at KPBS since 2000. She is originally from Las Vegas and attended the UNLV.

Recent Stories

OPERATION MANEATER: Great White Shark (New Series Premiere)

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Mark Evans travels to Western Australia, where seven people have been killed by sharks in the last three years. Authorities have implemented radical measures to catch and kill any shark they deem a threat. Evans wants to find non-lethal solutions to keep people — and sharks — safe. He enters the water to attach tracking tags to great whites; joins beach patrol teams searching for sharks; and tests a new “multi-spectral” camera that spots sharks from the air even when they are hidden several meters underwater.

The Fidel Castro Tapes

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This program uses only news and documentary footage -- past and present -- to detail the life and times of one of the most controversial political figures of the 20th Century. There is minimal narration in this film and no interviews. Instead, "The Fidel Castro Tapes" relies on the words of journalists who covered the major events in Fidel Castro's life to tell the story. It is a unique approach, one that gives the viewer a chance to experience the life and times of Cuba's leader as if they were actually living through them.

POV: After Tiller

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This is a probing portrait of the four doctors in the United States still openly performing third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas — and in the face of intense protest from abortion opponents. Rather than offering solutions, “After Tiller” presents the complexities of these women’s difficult decisions and the compassion and ethical dilemmas of the doctors and staff who fear for their own lives as they treat their patients.

MASTERPIECE MYSTERY! Breathless, Parts One - Three (New Series Premiere)

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Jack Davenport ("Pirates of the Caribbean," SMASH) stars as a brilliant London surgeon in 1961, when doctors were treated like gods and acted the part. Also starring in this stylish story of a dark secret amid the complexities of the sexual revolution are Zoe Boyle (DOWNTON ABBEY), Catherine Steadman (“Mansfield Park”), Iain Glen (DOWNTON ABBEY), Natasha Little (CASE HISTORIES), Oliver Chris (“Sharpe’s Challenge”), Joanna Page ("Love Actually") and Shaun Dingwall (TOUCHING EVIL).

PBS Previews: The Roosevelts

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Sample the upcoming Ken Burns documentary THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY in this exclusive PBS Preview. Patricia Clarkson hosts this behind-the-scenes look at the seven-part series, as filmmaker Burns describes how he brings the story of Theodore, Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt to life. Follow the camera crews into the grand estates and intimate cottages of the Roosevelts. Visit the studio as Burns records the voices of the stars who read the diaries, letters and contemporary accounts of this noteworthy family. And see clips from the monumental series that traces more than a century of life with, as Burns calls them, “the most influential family in American history.”

Joy Bauer's Food Remedies

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Eat your way to better health with advice from one of the nation’s leading authorities. Nutritionist and #1 New York Times best-selling author Joy Bauer offers compelling information on how specific foods can help manage, treat and in some instances even reverse common health conditions. Learn food remedies to lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure, fight off wrinkles and promote a radiant complexion, relieve arthritis pain and boost energy, enhance brain power and protect memory — and smart secrets to losing weight and keeping it off.

Red Rock Serenade

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A compelling departure from much of television fare, "Red Rock Serenade" takes viewers on a meditative journey through the breathtaking scenery of the American West’s iconic red rock country, including Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Grand Canyon National Parks — all set to music by some of the world’s greatest classical composers, including Bach, Brahms, Chopin and Beethoven.

Everything Comes From The Streets

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"Everything Comes From The Streets" features the men and women who pioneered and shaped the unique car customizing tradition of lowriding among Chicanos and Mexicans in San Diego, California, and the borderlands. The documentary tells the stories of the car craftsmen who first experimented with lowering and custom-painting cars in the 1950; later generations of lowriders who used old airplane hydraulic parts to modify their cars; and some of the first women lowriders who organized their own car clubs. This inspiring portrait of a community determined by creative self-expression and cultural preservation explores how identity and collective strength originates in the streets.

50s & 60s Rock Rewind (My Music)

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From the R&B pioneers to the teen crooners, the 1950s and early 1960s were an exciting musical time for the youth of America. In this all new MY MUSIC special, the spotlight shines on the original sounds of the American rock and pop scene with all archival footage of the hit makers in their prime. Fast songs, slow dances and the backbeat were all the rage as teenagers tuned in to their radios while they “readied for their steadies,” and went from pony tails to senior proms. The age of innocence and adolescence created rock-and-roll’s first revolution.

Dr. Fuhrman's End Dieting Forever!

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Break free from dieting once and for all with practical, effective advice from Dr. Joel Fuhrman, a New York Times best-selling author, leading expert and board-certified physician who specializes in the prevention and reversal of disease using nutritional solutions. The program includes cooking demonstrations; advice on staying active, vibrant and healthy later in life; and nutritional methods to prevent and even reverse obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and more.

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