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Jennifer Robinson

Web Producer

Jen is a web producer at KPBS, responsible for program promotion, online membership-related activities, and is the editor of the KPBS community calendar. Jen has worked at KPBS since 2000. She is originally from Las Vegas and attended the UNLV.

Recent Stories

180 Days: Hartsville

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A recent Southern Education Foundation report has uncovered that, for the first time in 50 years, the majority of students attending public schools in the U.S. live in poverty. An inspiring new documentary, "180 Days: Hartsville," takes a fresh look at the nation’s poverty and education challenges from a rural South Carolina town triumphing in the face of extraordinary challenges.

The Day The '60s Died

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The aftermath of the shooting deaths of four college students at Kent State in 1970 has been called the most divisive moment in American history since the Civil War. "The Day The ’60s Died" returns to that turbulent spring 45 years ago through a compelling documentary that takes a new perspective on the incident and what followed: an exploration of how three very different worlds (U.S. college campuses, the jungles of Cambodia and the Nixon White House) collided during that month in 1970.


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During the chaotic final days of the Vietnam War, as the North Vietnamese Army closed in on Saigon, the South Vietnamese resistance crumbled. The United States had only a skeleton crew of diplomats and military operatives still in the country. With a communist victory inevitable and the U.S. readying to withdraw, many Americans on the ground worried their South Vietnamese allies and friends faced imprisonment or death at the hands of the approaching North Vietnamese. With the clock ticking and the city under fire, a number of heroic Americans took matters into their own hands, engaging in unsanctioned and often makeshift operations in a desperate effort to save as many South Vietnamese as possible.

Dick Cavett's Vietnam

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On the 40th anniversary of the official end of the Vietnam War, this program examines the war and its impact on America through the prism of interviews conducted by the iconic host of “The Dick Cavett Show,” which featured thoughtful conversation and debate from all sides of the political spectrum. The program combines interviews from Cavett’s shows with archival footage, network news broadcasts and audio/visual material from the National Archives to provide insight and perspective on this controversial chapter of American history.

The Draft

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The question of who serves in America’s military has shaped battle strategy and foreign policy and stranded Americans in uniform for years on distant battlefields. From the Civil War to the conflicts of the Vietnam era, forced military service has torn the nation apart — and sometimes, as in WWII, united Americans in a common purpose. Hear how a single, controversial issue continues to define America. Part of PBS Stories of Service.

America's Ballroom Challenge (New Series Premiere)

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This three-part series, hosted by former U.S. dance champions Mary Murphy and Tony Meredith, features all four major styles of competitive ballroom dancing: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard and International Latin. In addition to 25 world-class couples competing to be named “America’s Best,” the series includes backstage footage of the couples preparing for competition; exhibitions featuring other top couples in each style of dance, from children to Pro-Am champions; and behind-the-scenes looks at different aspects of the world of ballroom dancing, from music to hairstyles.

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW: Santa Clara, Calif. - Hour Two

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Highlights include a Lambert magician automaton, ca. 1900, that is still in working condition; a Ray Bradbury archive collected by Bradbury's high school English teacher; and Fred Myrick scrimshaw tooth, ca. 1830, that has a long history of family folklore and is appraised for $150,000 to $200,000.

DCI BANKS: Season 4 (New Season Premiere)

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English detective DCI Alan Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) returns in the fourth season of the popular crime drama based on Peter Robinson’s novels with three original stories set against the striking backdrop of rural and urban Yorkshire.

A GROWING PASSION: Season 3: Coming To A Nursery Near You

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You walk into a nursery, pick up a beautiful plant in one-gallon container, pay for it, take it home and plant it in your garden. Ever stop to think about how that plant got to the nursery? We aren't talking about the truck that delivered it, but rather about what it took to breed, trial, propagate, grow, and then deliver that plant to the nursery. This behind-the-scenes tour of how plants come to market will give you a whole new appreciation for the industry and for the plants you plant in your garden.

NOVA: Invisible Universe Revealed

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Twenty-five years ago, NASA launched one of the most ambitious experiments in the history of astronomy: the Hubble Space Telescope. In honor of Hubble’s landmark anniversary, NOVA tells the remarkable story of the telescope that forever changed our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. But amazingly, when the telescope first sent images back to earth, it seemed that the entire project was a massive failure; a one-millimeter engineering blunder had turned the billion-dollar telescope into an object of ridicule. It fell to five heroic astronauts in a daring mission to return Hubble to the cutting edge of science. NOVA hears from the scientists and engineers on the front line who tell the amazing Hubble story as never before.

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