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Matthew Bowler

Education Reporter

Photo of Matthew Bowler

Matthew Bowler is an award-winning journalist from San Diego. As KPBS’ education reporter, Bowler aims to create compelling stories that have a positive impact on San Diego.

Bowler comes from a long line of San Diego journalists. Both his father and grandfather worked as journalists covering San Diego. He is also a third generation San Diego State University graduate, where he studied art with a specialty in painting and printmaking.

Bowler moved to the South of France after graduating from SDSU. While there he participated in many art exhibitions. The newspaper “La Marseillaise” called his work “les oeuvres impossible” or “the impossible works.”

After his year in Provence, Bowler returned to San Diego and began to work as a freelance photographer for newspapers and magazines. Some years later, he discovered his passion for reporting the news, for getting at the truth, for impacting lives. Bowler is privileged to have received many San Diego Press Club Awards along with two Emmy's.

Recent Stories

Family Affair Explores Star Trek Final Frontier

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The play "Klingon Lifestyles," which will stage its 23rd production Friday, has become a classic at Comic-Con in San Diego. Meet the family behind it.

The Fight Over Powdered Alcohol In California Comes To San Diego

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Cosmopolitans, martinis, gimlets are all popular cocktails, but the next new drink may not be made from any liquor on the market, it could be made from powdered alcohol or Palcohol.

Miramar National Cemetery Has Room To Grow

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San Diego is home to nearly a quarter million veterans. And as they age, they inevitably die. The Department of Veterans Affairs is making room for their graves.

49 Kids Become Some Of San Diego County's Newest Americans

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From school plays to graduations, growing up in the U.S. is full of milestones. But a group of local kids celebrated a less common occasion on Friday: becoming Americans.

Training Bartenders, Servers On How Much Is Too Much

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After two of their peers died in a collision with a drunk driver, UC San Diego students work to make "responsible beverage training" mandatory for restaurant and bar workers.

Monte Vista High School Reopens Technical Education Buildings

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Monte Vista High School has finished a $7.5 million renovation of its Career Technical Education buildings.

North Park's Claire de Lune Coffee Shop Closes For Good

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Claire de Lune staked its claim in North Park before the neighborhood became the trendy hub it is now. But the popularity it helped jumpstart is ultimately what drew customers away.

Officials Show Off Facility Where Passengers Apply For TSA Pre-Check Program

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Passengers in the TSA Pre-Check program go through select screening lines at the airport and do not have to take off their shoes, light outerwear, or belts.

Program Teaches San Diego Students How To Pay For College

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For some students the costs of college can be daunting. The program Achieve UC aims to show low-income students that college is within reach.

Cal State Faculty Plan To Strike In April

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Stepping up its push for a new labor contract, the union representing California State University faculty announced plans Monday to carry out a five-day strike in April at all 23 campuses — including San Diego State and Cal State San Marcos — if a deal isn't reached before then.

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