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Megan Burke


Photo of Megan Burke

Megan Burke is a producer for KPBS Midday Edition and KPBS Evening Edition. She also produced San Diego’s DNA, a two-part documentary on the region’s oldest traditions and culture using personal artifacts and oral histories of San Diegans.

Prior to joining the news staff, Megan managed several outreach campaigns including KPBS’ Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Initiative. The project included Emmy award-winning television spots, an extensive web site, local programming and events, and a statewide grant campaign. She also produced the Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month Local Hero Awards Ceremonies from 2002-2008.

Megan has been with KPBS since 1999 and has a journalism degree from San Diego State University.

Recent Stories

Grab Your Binoculars — San Diego Bird Fest Starts Thursday

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The San Diego Audubon Society is sponsoring the Bird Festival, and is emphasizing the environmental and conservation benefits of maintaining bird habitats.

New Studies Shed Light On Children And Allergies

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Two new allergy studies confirm what doctors and many parents have thought for years: We may be a little too clean and controlled for our own good.

International Rescue Committee San Diego Director Retires After 38 Years

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Bob Montgomery has been with the International Rescue Committee during the resettlement of Iraqis, Somalis, Eritreans and refugees from more than 20 other countries.

Joyce Carol Oates On Writing About Differences Among People

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Novelist Joyce Carol Oates has written more than 40 novels. She is in San Diego to speak at the 20th Annual Point Loma Nazarene University Writer's Symposium by the Sea.

'Short Term 12' Director Destin Cretton Speaks About Art Of Screenwriting

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San Diego writer-director Destin Cretton, now making feature films in Hollywood, speaks at Point Loma Nazarene University's Writer's Symposium By The Sea.

Exhibit Unites Humanity Through 45 Questions

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San Diego's Museum of Photographic arts is celebrating the centennial in Balboa Park with a video exhibition of people and voices from around the world. It's called "7 billion Others."

California Committee Explores Road Usage Charge In Place Of Gas Tax

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The state has mandated cars have high-fuel efficiencies, and encouraged drivers to buy hybrid and electric vehicles, all in an effort to reduce gas consumption. And it's been working - so well, that we now have to find a new way to finance road maintenance.

How Should Drug Trials Be Conducted In The Middle Of An Ebola Outbreak?

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The anti-Ebola drug ZMapp, developed in San Diego, is about to start clinical trials in Liberia. Doctors will explain the ethical challenges posed by drug testing during an outbreak.

Leading Linguists Lecturing On Language Evolution At UC San Diego

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When it comes to language — how often do people stop and think: How did these sounds come to mean anything?

San Diego Family Justice Center Offering Domestic Violence Prevention Training To Businesses

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When domestic violence happens in the home, the consequences can easily spill over into the workplace. The Family Justice Center wants to get the word out to San Diego businesses about what they can and should try to do.

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