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Pride and Glory Keeps It Real Says Teen Critic

Colin Farrell and Edward Norton star in Pride and Glory (New Line Cinema)

By Isabel Sanchez

Pride and Glory (opening October 24 throughout San Diego) is a film full of betrayal, disloyalty, shame and disrespect. The movie starts with a victorious football game followed by a blood bath in which four cops are killed. They have their lives to protect their community from hoodlums and drug dealres.

Pride and Glory revolves around three cops Jimmy (Colin Farrell), Ray (Edward Norton), and Frank (Noah Emmerich), and the betrayal to the ones they love, and the disloyalty to their family. Because like they say "there is nothing worse than to betray your own". The action of the movie starts off with the killing of four cops. Then the main suspect of the murder of the cops is identifined and form that moment on all the lies, the betrayals and dishonor starts to piled up. Jimmy was involved in some dirty deals with some guy that went by the name of Angle (the prime suspect and murderer of the four cops), and the deal turned out really bad. So from there Jimmy and his boys tried to cover their tracks by tracking down angel for the murders of the four cops and the money that he stold from them the night of the murder. While Ray tries to find Angel (for the murders of the four cops) he falls close Jimmy's foot steps uncovering his dirty deals with drug dealers. Until he does and every thing falls apart, and keeping loyal to the ones you know vs. protecting your own cross lines and pushed Frank and Ray to take the murder of Angel and the involvement of the four dead cops to the grand jury were once again the tables were turned. But over all the results were not pretty, but they were fair based on their actions. Pride and Glory is a very good movie that besides from all the thrilling and unrevealing action; it was good because it was well acted and all the actors fit their roles. Plus it was told like it is on the streets; it told the story of cops lives on the streets whether they were good or bad. The movie keep it real and straight forward.


--Isabel Sanchez is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. She thinks going to movies and sharing her opinions is an "awesome experience." Her favorite films include: White Chicks, Mean Girls, 300, Constantine and Man on Fire.