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LT Bids A Sad Farewell To San Diego

An emotional LaDainian Tomlinson said goodbye to the Chargers and to San Diego fans at a Poway press conference, but he added that he's not done with football.

About five minutes into his comments Tomlinson broke into tears, saying he's always worn his emotions on his sleeve. But the 30-year-old running back had enough composure to thank Charger fans and say that he wants to keep playing football. He doesn't yet know for what team.

Tomlinson was released by the Chargers on Monday after nine seasons that put him among the top players of all time in rushing and scoring touchdowns. He said he was never told why he was released, but said he understands that football is a business. His only regret was not winning a Super Bowl for San Diego.


"I felt that I did everything I possibly could to help win a championship," said Tomlinson. "But, you know, sometimes things just don't happen. Things don't fall where they're supposed to."

Tomlinson said he hasn't given up. He still hopes to play in the Super Bowl, wearing the jersey of another team.

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