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RICK STEVES' EUROPE: London And The Lake Country

Rick Steves visits the Houses of Parliament, London, England.
Courtesy of Rick Steves
Rick Steves visits the Houses of Parliament, London, England.

Airs Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 8 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. on KPBS TV

Rick Steves advocates smart, affordable, perspective-broadening travel. As host and writer of the popular public television series RICK STEVES' EUROPE, and best-selling author of 40 European travel books, he encourages Americans to travel as "temporary locals."

He helps American travelers connect much more intimately and authentically with Europe — and Europeans — for a fraction of what mainstream tourists pay.

Changing of the Guards, London, England.
Courtesy of Rick Steves
Changing of the Guards, London, England.

"London And The Lake Country" - In this special, Host Rick Steves makes two stops in England where he shares his extensive knowledge of European history, art and culture and offers a fresh perspective on the best travel advice, including where to stay, what to see and how to get around.


First on the itinerary is London, a many-faceted city. Visit Westminster Abbey, explore the British Library and enjoy the vibrant scene in Soho.

And later, in the Lake country, admire idyllic lakes while hiking the Cumbrian Lake District, a green and pristine mountain playground.

Lake District, England: Scenic Drive

Rick's Travel Philosophy:

Travel is of the last great sources of legal adventure. Travel is intensified living, with maximum thrills per minute. It's recess, and we need it. Experiencing the real Europe requires catching it by surprise, going casual...Through the Back Door.

Rick Steves is on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and you can follow @RickSteves on Twitter.

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