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San Diego Film Awards Will Be Handed Out Saturday

Filmmaker William Wall and Steve Terrones on the set of his short film "Zero." Wall won multiple awards for his short at last year's inaugural San Diego Film Awards.
Jens Kilmister
Filmmaker William Wall and Steve Terrones on the set of his short film "Zero." Wall won multiple awards for his short at last year's inaugural San Diego Film Awards.

Last year's big winner, William Wall, talks about the awards

Second Annual San Diego Film Awards
KPBS arts reporter Beth Accomando previews the Second Annual San Diego Film Awards.

The second annual San Diego Film Awards take place Saturday at the Horton Grand Thearer.

The Film Consortium San Diego created the San Diego Film Awards to honor the achievements of actors, writers, directors and producers in the regional film community. This year they received more than 200 entries and will be giving out 40 awards.

The film consortium describes itself as having been "actively working to mobilize the film community in San Diego since fall of 2012. Holding the largest-ever film networking events in the history of San Diego film, we have quickly mobilized thousands of people to connect, collaborate and increase the quantity and quality of films being produced in the San Diego region."


The consortium was founded by Jodi Cilley, the organization's president, and she's committed to trying to keep talented filmmakers and actors in San Diego.

Last year, filmmaker William Wall won multiple awards (Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Sound Design, Best Editing) at the inaugural San Diego Film Awards for his short film, "Zero," about a little robot in space.

Wall said, "The San Diego Film Festival seems to cater to bigger independent films that don't originate in San Diego."

But the San Diego Film Awards truly focus on San Diego filmmakers and work.

"A lot of people feel that to have a career in film they have to move to L.A.," Wall said. "Unfortunately, in L.A. there's a lot of small fish in that pond. It's funny how people don't feel like there's a pond here at all. My opinion is that you make your own pond. The thing that matters most is the quality of work that you produce.


"San Diego has plenty of talented people it's just a matter of getting them together. And an awards show like this is something to look forward to, and I think at least on a subconscious level motivates you to produce better work and not just say, 'Oh, that’s good enough.' So it is a motivator for sure, to know that you have the potential to be recognized for your work at least on a local level. You know we're not all going to make it to the Oscars, and that's OK. But here our peers will recognize our work."

Wall is now working on a feature film spun off from his award-winning short. The feature is called "Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters."

Wall said the awards have helped.

"Since the awards a lot has changed. Big steps in my career, notably this feature film and how big it has become. Awards are wonderful but not necessary to make good work, but they certainly add some prestige when you do talk to investors or sponsors or crew. Everybody loves a winner," Wall said.

Last year there were not enough feature length films submitted to give out an award in that category, and Wall just found out that his feature that was submitted last year has been entered for Best Feature Film this year. So Wall will be competing for another round of San Diego Film Awards this weekend.

The San Diego Film Awards will be held Saturday at the Horton Grand Theatre with a red carpet event and reception starting at 6 p.m. and awards show at 7 p.m. The event is sold out.