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Tracking Covid 19

Tracking COVID-19

San Diego County Data

  • Positive Cases
  • Deaths

Data updates daily around 5 p.m. Local data source: San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency.

  • Don’t have time to keep up on the latest news? We’ve got you covered with a mid-week check-in every Wednesday afternoon.

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Featured Stories

A man gets the COVID-19 vaccine at San Diego Co...

State Establishes COVID-19 Vaccine Notification Website In Los Angeles, San Diego Counties

Jan. 25
By City News Service

The MyTurn system is operating on a trial basis for residents in Los Angeles and San Diego counties, with Gov. Gavin Newsom saying the system will hopefully be available statewide by early February.

Like So Much This Year In The NFL, The Pandemic Is Taking A Toll — On Super Bowl Ads

Jan. 25
Mark Katkov / NPR

For the first time in 37 years Budweiser will not directly advertise its beer during the game. Other famous brands are also taking a pass.

Members of the Gorilla Troop at the San Diego Z...

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Gorilla Troop Recovering From COVID-19 Scare

Jan. 25
By City News Service

Several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are recovering from the virus which causes COVID-19, zoo officials reported Monday.

Life Is 'Really Tough' For Refugees Trying To Settle In Pandemic America

Jan. 25
Deborah Amos / NPR

Federal aid ends after 90 days, when refugees are expected to be self-sufficient. With the coronavirus on top of Trump administration cuts to the refugee program, the challenges are overwhelming.

California Lifts Stay-At-Home Orders: 'Light At The End Of The Tunnel'

Jan. 25
Bill Chappell / NPR

State health officials are breathing a sigh of relief. But they are also cautious: More than 40 million Californians live in counties where COVID-19 risk is deemed "widespread."

Moderna Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Still Protects Against Emerging Strains

Jan. 25
Bill Chappell / NPR

In a new round of tests, the drug company wants to see if booster doses of its vaccine will ramp up defenses against emerging strains of the coronavirus.

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