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The San Diego Police Department seal is seen on...

Roundtable: Alarming Rate Of Law Enforcement Officers With Criminal Records

Nov. 15
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

A collaborative inquiry finds hundreds of California law enforcement officers with criminal backgrounds. The nation's highest court could decide the future for nearly a million undocumented immigrants. Wildfires destroy more than structures, a look at the impact on survivors' mental health.

A tree with carved up bark stands near the San ...

Climate Activists Cast Shade On San Diego's Ambitious Tree Planting Efforts

Nov. 13
By Erik Anderson

An ambitious effort to boost the number and size of trees in the city of San Diego faces a difficult timetable.

Tease photo for Business Report: SeaWorld Gets Anothe...

Business Report: SeaWorld Gets Another New CEO

Nov. 8
By Bennett Lacy

This week in business: SeaWorld takes on a new CEO, its fourth in the past five years. Plus, Airbnb makes changes following Halloween rental shooting. And, Target does "Black Friday Preview" shopping throughout November.

A soldier stands by a charred truck that belong...

Roundtable: Soaring Homicide Rates In Mexico

Nov. 8
By Aly Sadik, Mark Sauer

Soaring homicide rates in Mexico. How America contributes to the problem. Overlooked San Diego rape kits yield DNA matches in the federal database. Dockless scooters are an economic boom, but are they really beneficial to the environment?

The Environmental Protection Agency has release...

Report: Fossil Fuel Investments Cost California Pension Funds Money

Nov. 5
By Erik Anderson

Activists are pushing the state's second largest pension fund to dump fossil fuel stocks.

People watch coverage of the first round of the...

Business Report: NCAA Reversal On Student-Athlete Pay

Nov. 1
By Bennett Lacy, Jade Hindmon

The NCAA announces it will move forward with a plan to allow student-athletes to get paid for their likeness in response to moves by California and other states. Plus, several car companies side with the Trump administration amid California's legal fight over auto emissions. And, the economy adds more jobs in October.

Tease photo for Cinematic Treats From Around The Globe

Cinematic Treats From Around The Globe

Oct. 28
By Beth Accomando

It’s all treats and no tricks in theaters as we head toward Halloween. In addition to "The Lighthouse" you can also find Bong Joon Ho's latest film "Parasite" and a historical drama about Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla called "The Current War." Plus you can still catch Pedro Almodovar's "Pain and Glory."

In this file photo, an iPhone displays the apps...

Business Report: Facebook Under Government Scrutiny

Oct. 26
By Bennett Lacy, Maya Trabulsi

Dozens of states join in an antitrust case involving Facebook; Qualcomm announces a new venture capital fund for innovations in 5G technology; and SeaWorld plans to transform its Aquatica water park in Chula Vista into a Sesame Street theme park.

KPBS Anchor Maya Trabulsi interviews Kwame Alex...

Author Uses Poetry To Get Kids To Read

Oct. 24
By Maya Trabulsi and Sarah Katsiyiannis

KPBS Anchor Maya Trabulsi and author Kwame Alexander discuss his book “The Crossover,” which was selected as KPBS’s One Book For Teens.

A fire scorched palm tree stump lies in an urba...

San Diego Officials Warn Of Fire Danger Under Santa Ana Conditions

Oct. 21
By Erik Anderson

San Diego city officials are warning people to be alert about wildfires as the weather gets warm.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monda...

Business Report: Will There Be A Brexit Deal?

Oct. 19
By Bennett Lacy, Erik Anderson

The impact of Brexit on the U.S. economy. The General Motors strike comes to an end. And some relief for gas prices in San Diego.

Tease photo for Del Mar Still Working Out Plans To De...

Del Mar Still Working Out Plans To Deal With Rising Ocean

Oct. 16
By Erik Anderson

Del Mar and the California Coastal Commission take some extra time to work out a controversial local coastal plan.

A San Diego police officer asking the protester...

San Diego Activist Argues Why Green New Deal Matters

Oct. 14
By Erik Anderson

Climate advocate group San Diego 350 continues to push for local politicians to support the Green New Deal.

The San Diego Convention Center is seen in the ...

San Diego Officials Push Tourist Tax Hike For Civic Projects

Oct. 10
By Erik Anderson

San Diego civic leaders revive a ballot measure to pay for the expansion of the convention center, homeless programs and road paving.

Congressman Scott Peters announces the Build Mo...

Scott Peters' Bill Would Tie Federal Transit Funds To Housing

Oct. 8
By Priya Sridhar

The bill proposed by Democratic Congressman Scott Peters would require state and local governments applying for federal transit money to show that housing will be located near planned mass transit stops.

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