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New report has 52 recommendations for changing the local justice system

“What we’re trying to do is implement the practices that have been proven in other municipalities," Bill Payne said.

Both Payne and longtime local justice advocate Darwin Fishman were part of a San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) advisory group that put together a report, which was two years in the making.

It’s all about alternatives to incarceration.


“It gives us an opportunity with opening up this whole process, because we know a lot of the people that died in custody should have never been there in the first place," Fishman said.

The report comes from SANDAG and it contains 52 recommendations, including:

  • Increasing the array of housing options for people who've had contact with the justice system
  • Looking at additional booking alternatives that increase connection to services and resources
  • Ensuring people are released from custody in ways that support successful reentry into society

Bill Payne is the CEO of San Diego Second Chance a nonprofit that assures people can reenter society successfully after being incarcerated.

“If we can remove people from incarceration who are ready to change and support them with the right services, then those resources that we have can be used to better deliver health care, behavioral health, mental health services, substance abuse services etc," Payne said.

SANDAG wants the public’s input on the report. They're holding a virtual meeting Thursday afternoon beginning at 5:30. Then a town hall will be held Monday, May 8 in Room 302 at the County Administration Building.


Then the board of supervisors will review the report and the public's suggestions at their meeting on May 23. They’ll make the final decision — one that, at the very least, may help to prevent any more deaths in our county jails.

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