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Baja California's Culinary Boom Reaches Beyond Borders

Baja California’s Culinary Boom Reaches Beyond Borders
Baja California's Culinary Boom Reaches Beyond Borders
Baja Cuisine Gains International Fame GUESTS:Chef Martin San Roman, owner, La Terrasse in the Guadalupe Valley Chef Chad White, owner, Comun Kitchen & Tavern in San Diego and La Justina restaurant in Tijuana.

When it comes to food there are no borders — especially with the emergence of the Mediterranean and Asian-influenced Baja California cuisine.

For many of these chefs it's all about fresh and local food. Baja California is in the midst of what's being called a "culinary boom," and it's being experienced on both sides of the border. In the past two years, Baja has inspired new culinary schools, and graduates are opening restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico.

During this week's Tijuana Innovadora, 24 innovative chefs will participate in Batalla Culinaria, a special culinary event on October 18 and 19. It's one of three "Iron-Chef"-style competitions.

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