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Heat Wave Continues Across San Diego County

Heat Wave Continues Across San Diego County
Heat Wave Continues Across San Diego County GUEST: Alex Tardy, meteorologist, National Weather Service

The weather is heating up. Along the coast it has not been tonight so far but could this cool spring have a reprieve. Here to talk to us about what the weather is doing and what we can expect this our weather service meteorologist. Thank you. Diddly Big Rapids this last weekend? This was the start of our heatwave. We have not broken records at. In Palm Springs the record yesterday getting up to 116. We look for the heat to build a go through the week. There is a heat advisory and a warning until Wednesday night. The heat will be dangerous. Even for those that are used to it. For our mountains and valleys the heat advisory which means our he will be more of an inconvenience. If you do not prepare you will have problems you will have to turn on the AC. If you do not have it will be hard to cool off. That is what the heat advisory is for. Is this heat unusual for this time of year. We saw temperatures over 100 in Escondido. This particular heatwave looks as close, maybe not quite as strong so instead of getting 103 100 for in Escondido on Tuesday and Wednesday during the peak of this heat get close to 100 What does that mean for the coast? That means temperatures getting into the mid to upper 80s. Explained to us where this weather is coming from? When we talk about heat waves it seems like when the sun comes out the threats coming from. This dome of hot air that is over us and expected to increase on Tuesday be at its peak on Wednesday it is literally putting up from Mexico. Desert aggravated so that doesn't floor actually makes it stronger and will the storm of air. The government has a big bubble. You can visualize this as going to the coast. Watch out that is quashing and getting lower. It is still there. This big dome of their since literally compressing down on us and that's the result of this really want temperature. Reacted in a big dome a fair building over us. What typically means it is a storm system and we do not think of storm system's this time of year. It is a storm system way up in the Pacific Northwest that has to slowly fix this high pressure down. Purchase names instead of being 120 there will be one 12 the second. For us instead of being well in the 80s are valleys in Escondido Alpine those areas instead of being close to 100 will go down closer to 90 for the weekend. Along the coast to has been the morning fog is that helps to keep the cooler? We keep this big Ridge of high pressure. Imagine you put on that warm air over the Coldwater it is kind of like the same effect when you take a nice summer ice tea and put it on the table and starts sweating. In that case that Ice-T is going into next to it it is sitting over any get the fog condensation. That is our free air conditioner. There's also a beach hazard statement in effect. The rip current activity is above normal because of the wave and serve. You can all those and the hazard on the beach are real when it comes to. Last year the lifeguards had 7000 rescues. About 4000 were in July alone. It is a serious matter. Give us a sense about the future of the summer. It is difficult to predict that far but I will say this. Despite the spring that you had mentioned the wet winter and treason flooding. Now we're looking at a situation where it is dying off so it will be a big concern in San Diego County. As far as temperatures we were expecting to warm up in June July and August. We are expecting couple more of these throughout the year. Did not ask -- expect a couple more of these. This is something that we will probably see not throughout the whole summer that a couple of times. Will look at these episodes of extreme heat. If you look back at the records 2014 and 15 were the hottest years on record for San Diego. 16 last year was not far below. We are expecting 17 to not be the hottest ever but to be above normal. We are used to a lot of cooler weather on the coast. That is Alex tardy is a meteorologist National Weather Service. Thank you.

It will be hot again today in most of San Diego County with morning fog and big waves along the coast. High temperatures will range from 73 to 78 degrees at the beaches, 82 to 87 inland, 88 to 93 in the valleys, 88 to 96 in the mountains and 102 to 107 in the deserts.

The National Weather Service has extended an excessive heat warning for the deserts until Thursday night. A less severe heat advisory for the mountains is already in effect and one for the valleys will start at 11 a.m. Monday morning. Both will expire Wednesday night.

At the coast, a beach hazards statement warns elevated surf levels and a heightened risk of rip currents will run from 8 a.m. Monday through Thursday evening.

County health officials are advising the public to take precautions and have set up cooling zones in 115 air-conditioned buildings throughout the region.